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We’ve all heard myths about a Sasquatch running wild in north Georgia and a Loch Ness type monster washing ashore
On Friday, August 28, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued guidance on deferring an employee’s portion of Social Security tax
Starting a business during a pandemic may seem challenging, but with the correct financial steps, it can yield entrepreneurial success.
The coronavirus pandemic has hit every household to some extent. In some cases, that means more residents are spending more
Happy Summer! It’s time again to take a break from our usual financial blog and look at some humorous HOA
How long do I need to keep tax records
The COVID-19 extended deadline for taxes has passed. Now, what should you do with the piles of receipts, 1099s, and
  Congratulations to Neal Bach who just celebrated 40 years with Bach, James, Mansour & Company! Neal, who serves as
No matter your age, the coronavirus pandemic has likely had an impact on your budget. You probably haven’t been traveling
As an HOA board member or property manager, staying on top of the HOA budget and other financial issues is