Over 50 Years of Service. Independent – Like You.

On March 31, 1958, two young CPAs, Milton L. Bach and Truitt D. James, announced the formation of a new partnership, Bach, James & Company, CPAs to serve the Atlanta business community.

As business grew and the need for an accounting staff became evident, the two principals made a decision that shaped the firm’s future direction. They decided in order to retain good people, it was necessary to offer them an ownership interest in the business. This decision shaped the future of the firm for years to come. Subsequent additions as principals in the firm were Grady R. Allen in 1978 and Neal J. Bach in 1986.

The firm suffered an emotional blow on June 11, 1980, with the early demise from cancer of founding partner Truitt D. James. To honor his memory the firm retains his name to the present time. In 1983 the corporate name was expanded to include George A. Mansour III, in recognition of his contributions to the firm.

Current Partners Step Up to Lead the Firm

Neal J. Bach became a partner in 1986 after serving as a staff accountant for seven years. Milton L. Bach remained actively involved in the practice until his retirement in 1997. He continued to provide advice and counsel up until he became ill and subsequently passed on in 2011. Long-time partners George Brown and George Mansour III have since retired from the firm

Although no longer with us, the ideals and integrity from which Milton Bach and Truitt James formed the firm are still apparent. The firm is now under the leadership of Neal J. Bach.

Bach, James, Mansour & Company, now BJM Duluth, continues over 50 years later with new ideas, new enthusiasm and a solid background of accomplishments.