Financial Coaching

During these turbulent economic times, one big concern on our clients’ minds is their ability to maintain a consistent lifestyle through retirement, and even leave something for future generations. Pitfalls like long-term health care can wipe out your estate unless you plan for these contingencies today.

Will I outlive my money?

This is one of the most common retirement questions we receive. The answer requires a thorough financial review from an unbiased advisor like BJM, plus a solid financial strategy that minimizes risk over time. Those inheriting money may also be interested in the same type of approach.

Planning for personal financial security is important for you in later years, but developing an effective plan begins today. Your investment strategy should evolve over time, something your stock broker may not want to discuss.

Since the experts at BJM are not brokers or financial planners who sell securities or insurance products, we’re in a unique, unbiased position to help you develop the right ongoing investment strategy and portfolio required to meet your desired lifestyle and estate objectives – based on age, assets and investments. Then you can execute the plan through your insurance and investment representatives, or we’ll make introductions to some knowledgeable business partners.