How About a Little Accounting Humor in the Form of a Meme?

With the July 4th holiday weekend approaching, we think it’s a great time to have a little fun.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen a meme online or via a phone text message. And, if you’ve followed our blog for any length of time, you know we love a good accountant joke. So we came up with our own memes to infuse a little accounting humor into your upcoming holiday weekend.

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CPA’s really have superpowers.

Crunching numbers, understanding tax law, and keeping books up to date – all while ensuring your financials are on point – gives us superpower status. What’s your superpower?

Relax…we’ve got your books.

No need to stress about keeping the numbers straight. That’s what we are here for; to make your accounting hassle-free. So, grab a spa bath, put on a soothing face mask and chill…we’ve got you.

Accountants really are cool. 

Living your life on social? No longer use traditional forms of communication like email or mail? You can send your forms to us via TikTok but only if you include a fun video of you dancing with your cat.

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From all of us at BJM Duluth, have a relaxing and enjoyable Independence Day holiday weekend.