When it comes to professionals as top box-office movie characters, doctors and lawyers aren’t the only ones lighting up the silver screen. Accountants have been the lead characters in a host of movies ranging from comedy to love stories to action thriller.

With Tax Season 2021 fast approaching, we thought now would be a great time to share some of our favorite flicks with accountants as the superstars. So, grab some popcorn and check out these five titles featuring hero accountants:

  • The Accountant – In this action-packed movie, main character Chris Wolff is an accountant whose autism has led him to be a mathematical wizard. Ben Affleck stars as Chris, who not only represents regular clients out of his small-town CPA office but also has a behind-the-scenes business uncovering financial deception in criminal organizations and terrorist groups. The action unfolds as Chris is pursued by a Treasury agent and the bullets begin to fly. Watch for a sequel, rumored to be coming soon.
  • The Untouchables – This flick is based on the true story of how the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) took down legendary mobster Al Capone. Along with prohibition agent Elliott Ness, a team of accountants led by Oscar Wallace nab the gangster for tax evasion. Charles Martin Smith plays the FBI agent/accountant Wallace who took down the criminal legend and became a hero for accountants everywhere.
  • Hitch – Part comedy, part love story, this movie co-stars Kevin James as accountant Arthur Brennan. Arthur wants to woo his celebrity client Allegra (played by Amber Valletta) but doesn’t know how. So, he hires a dating coach to help get the job done. Ultimately, it’s Arthur’s quirky personality that impresses Allegra rather than any coached moves. Will Smith, as the dating coach, learns clients are most successful being themselves, and in Arthur’s case, that means being an accountant. We don’t want to spoil the ending, but think accountant as romcom hero.
  • Ghostbusters – Rick Moranis plays Louis Tully as an old-time, stereotypical accountant, complete with oversized glasses and a nerdy personality. He even throws parties for tax deductions! Louis falls in love with neighbor Dana Barrett (played by Sigourney Weaver). In the middle of pursuing her, Louis is possessed by a demon keymaster who opens up the gate to the underworld, which just happens to be in Dana and Louis’ apartment building. Once he returns to his CPA self, Tully wins over the Ghosbusters and ends up working as their accountant in sequels.
  • The Shawshank Redemption – In this movie, we follow Andy Dufresne, an accountant who has been falsely imprisoned for killing his wife and her lover. Andy, played by Tim Robbins, goes from scared newbie prisoner to the financial whiz who impresses the corrupt warden with his tax acumen and ultimately helps launder money. It isn’t Andy’s accounting skills that help him leave prison behind, however, but patience and a spoon. You’ll have to watch the movie to find out more.

Enthralled by our five favorite number-crunching stars? If so, you might also enjoy the Look Who’s Talking movies, Midnight Run, Central Intelligence, The Insider, Moonstruck, and Stranger Than Fiction – more titles with accountants and bookkeepers in leading roles. 

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