Georgia Department of Labor Changes Rules for Partial Unemployment Claims

Like most government agencies, the GDOL is changing policies and rules due to the coronavirus outbreak. One update, which began March 15, is especially important to our business clients.

The GDOL website does a good job of describing this new Emergency Rule:
Employers are required to file partial claims on behalf of their employees whenever it is necessary to temporarily reduce work hours or there is no work available for a short period. Any employer found to be in violation of this rule will be required to reimburse GDOL for the full amount of unemployment insurance benefits paid to the employee.

If you don’t file the required claim forms online, the penalties can be hefty. Please click here to visit the GDOL website alert page and view the most recent updates and support tools. If you have questions, please contact us.

What’s Next?

There are many other regulatory changes in discussion that will impact you, your business, and your taxes. Rather than send you information that may change, we’ll stick to providing updates when key decisions have been made.