Please welcome Ellen Gelfand, Judith Hanley, and Sara Farol

Although we’re between tax deadlines right now, things are busier than ever at Bach, James, Mansour & Company. Thank you! Over the last few months, we’ve added three new team members to ensure that BJM continues to provide the same high quality and highly responsive service that you’ve come to expect.

Many of you have already had a chance to work with our new team members, but here’s a quick introduction.

Ellen Gelfand, CPA

Ellen brings nearly 30 years of CPA experience to BJM, including work at some very large firms. She was looking for a smaller firm that would offer more client interaction and responsibility, although Ellen claims that she joined the BJM team due to Hermione’s accent and Neal’s sense of humor. Ellen’s ability to build strong client relationships, resolve complex issues, and improve business processes makes her invaluable to the firm. If you’d like to discuss a tax challenge or a hot new British TV crime show, please give Ellen a call.

Judith Hanley, CPA

Judith’s background includes large CPA firms as well as business consulting experience. Some of Judith’s major accomplishments include instituting a paperless office, implementing high-end tax software, and optimizing business processes to more efficiently serve firm clients. She’s a knowledge leader, and appreciates the access BJM gives her to industry-leading research tools. When you’ve got a unique financial challenge to resolve, or want to share notes about hiking the Appalachian Trail, give Judith a call.

Sarah Farol

We’re not sure why anyone would move from Hawaii to Georgia, but we’re glad that Sarah did. She has extensive financial and business management experience, including a recent role helping a national religious organization manage finances, operations, and events. Sarah also understands the importance of work-life balance, and chose BJM because of our ability to offer the right mix of interaction and independence. If you need bookkeeping support, or want to plan a fun day hike to a Georgia waterfall, give Sarah a call.

Welcome new BJM team members!

Neal Bach, CPA