Bach, James, Mansour & Company is pleased to announce the publication of a new white paper, A Guide for Effective HOA and Community Association Financial Management. This comprehensive guide covers a wide variety of financial topics of interest to board members and property managers, including:

  • Advice for new board members
  • Understanding community association financials
  • Tax returns
  • Audits and audit alternatives
  • Maintaining adequate reserves
  • Financial health for aging communities
  • Special assessments vs. dues increases
  • Protecting the board and the community

HOA Guide

Click here to download the guide.


Neal Bach, author of white paper, has been providing tax and audit support to community associations for over 15 years. Neal is very active in the Georgia chapter of the Community Associations Institute (CAI). He is currently the chairman of the budget committee, and also serves on the golf tournament committee. Neal served as the treasurer and president of his homeowner association, so he understands the management and financial challenges associated with these volunteer organizations.

Neal regularly conducts educational seminars for property management companies and law firms that serve HOAs and community associations. He is a regular contributor to CAI’s Georgia Commons magazine, and has been published in the national CAI magazine as well as in several other national community association publications. To schedule a seminar for your HOA or property management company, or to discuss republication of this guide, please contact Neal at, or submit a website contact form.