suburban homesHappy Summer! Rather than focus on a heavy topic like HOA financial management this month, I thought we would lighten things up a little. What are the craziest things that HOA boards and property managers have experienced? I’m sure we all have some interesting tales to tell!

We scoured the internet to find these strange and unusual stories. While they probably weren’t perceived as funny by the involved parties at the time, I hope they will bring a smile or chuckle as you read them now.

Top 10 Amusing HOA Stories

  1. A resident submitted plans to his community’s architectural review committee to build a tree house. The committee tried to block the project by requiring the plans to be stamped by a qualified engineer. The resident proceeded to stamp the plans in front of the committee. It turns out he had a PhD in civil engineering!
  2. During a board meeting, a resident was yelling so loud that his false teeth flew out of his mouth and hit the board president in the head. No assault charges were filed…
  3. A developer built a community’s amenities (pool and clubhouse) on a separate piece of property from the condo building. The developer defaulted on the amenities property. An investor group bought the property – and sold pool/clubhouse memberships to the residents.
  4. Male residents of an “active senior” community were using the pool showers, not to rinse off before jumping in the pool, but for full daily showers including shaving. When asked why, the men stated that they didn’t want to clean their own bathrooms or use their hot water.
  5. A lifeguard reported to the property manager that there was dog poop in the pool. The property manager arrived thinking that this was just a practical joke, like in the movie Caddy Shack. She reached down to take the poop out of the pool and realized it was real poop, not a candy bar.
  6. Several neighbors received violation notices mentioning that that their fences needed to be stained. That was followed by a solicitation the next day from a painting company. Guess who owned that company – the head of the architectural review committee.
  7. A property manager picked up a phone call only to be berated for several minutes by someone using very profane language. The person hung up, preferring to remain anonymous after the tirade. Unfortunately for the resident, the property manager had caller ID and call recording.
  8. A condo manager received a late-night emergency call stating that there was “water dripping everywhere.” When the manager arrived, the resident pointed to water dripping from a bathroom faucet. When asked why a leaky faucet was an emergency, the resident said that he couldn’t sleep.
  9. A resident was continually complaining to the property manager that he was hearing ghosts moaning at night. Turns out it was a faulty toilet valve in the condo next door.
  10. Finally, here are some funny rules proposed by residents at board meetings:
    • No one can own a cat over 15 lbs. – it’s just not right to have a fat cat.
    • No airplanes can land in the community – in case of emergency, land somewhere else.
    • Residents must wear polo shirts and khaki pants when holding a garage sale. This one actually passed, with a $30 fine for non-compliance!

Thanks to Zillow, Community123, HOA Talk, HOALeader, the Cooperator, and other websites for providing some of background for these amusing stories. Do you have any funny anecdotes based on your own experience as a property manager, board member, or community resident? Please let me know and I’ll publish a follow-up article later in the year.

Have a happy and safe summer!

– Neal Bach, CPA