What our clients are REALLY saying about tax preparation this year.


tax time stopwatchAs the weather warms and the birds return to roost, all thoughts turn to… tax season! No one likes working on their income tax preparation, but it is a necessary part of ensuring that the CPAs at Bach, James, Mansour & Company can efficiently process and file your returns.

Tax season comes but once a year

Are you already stressing about the April 15th deadline? Well, you are not alone. Everyone goes through some degree of hassle to assemble the right financial records. I previously wrote about some tips to make the process easier to bear, but many of us already know that we should have started earlier, taken one step at a time, etc. Tax preparation is an extra chore that competes for time in our already tight schedules.

Here are some humorous comments from clients as they work with us on their income tax preparation:

  • I’d rather get teeth pulled. If you think this is painful for you, imagine doing this for a living!
  • I’m already behind. With tax code changes and two snow storms, everyone seems to be getting a later start. Even tax forms like 1099s are arriving later.
  • Where did my refund go? Thanks to the American Taxpayer Relief Act, some of us will pay at least 10% more tax – some much more than that.
  • The healthcare law messed up my taxes. Qualifying for healthcare doesn’t impact taxes, but if you’re not covered you’ll see a penalty next year from the IRS.
  • Where are my business write-offs? 55 tax breaks, like the 50% bonus Depreciation write-off, expired December 31, 2013.
  • We need a national sales tax instead. Until the government spends less, we’ll have to foot the bill regardless of the tax process.
  • I’m moving to Costa Rica. Can we come visit next year?

Smile! It’s almost over

We hope this article makes you laugh, or at least chuckle. Taxes are a love/hate relationship for CPAs as well. Although this is what we do for a living, working 24/7 for six weeks straight is not that much fun either. Then we still have to do our own taxes! So relax, take a deep breath, and let’s work through this together.

What do you think? Please share your humorous thoughts on tax season.

Neal Bach, CPA