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Sarah Farol

Sarah Farol was born and raised in Hawaii, but decided to move to a new paradise (Atlanta, GA) about 10 years ago to stay close to family. Prior to joining the team at Bach, James, Mansour & Company, Sarah helped a multi-location religious organization manage finances and other business needs. “I enjoyed the wide variety of job responsibilities, which could involve bank reconciliations and financial statements, travel planning for the founding pastor, or HR all in one day.” Sarah commented.

Flexibility is critical to Sarah, and something that she wanted to maintain with her next career move. During a brief stint with freelance work, Sarah kept her eyes out for an opportunity that would allow her to grow in her field while still offering the flexibility so important to her. She responded to an ad that Hermione Graus placed on a community website, and after meeting Neal and some of the rest of the team she decided to join the team. “BJM offered the right mix of interaction and independence in a more casual environment,” Sarah added. “I get to do the bookkeeping work that I love, build close client and coworker relationships, and still have time to be a mom.”

When she is not working with clients, Sarah enjoys spending time with her family, going out to dinner with friends, traveling, and hiking. If there’s a Georgia waterfall accessible by a long, scenic trail, Sarah has probably been there. “I love hiking because there’s a new view and experience around every corner,” she said, “it fuels my love of friendship, beauty and adventure.”


  • Bob Jones University
    BS, Finance

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