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Grady Allen

Grady Allen, CPA

Grady Allen joined the firm in 1972. He became a principal in 1978, and has been providing clients with small business tax and accounting services, retirement planning and estate planning, and individual tax services.

Clients describe Grady as dedicated and down-to-earth. He is readily available to provide extra assistance, answering a quick question or providing valuable business advice to his clients as part of firm’s PartnerPersonalizedSM approach. Grady’s emphasis on “fair treatment and fair price” has earned the respect of generations of clients.

“After nearly 35 years as a Partner, I now enjoy working with many of the children of my original clients,” Grady commented. “I take care of their needs the same way as if I was working with a member of my own family.”

When not working, Grady enjoys spending time with family and training for his 15th Peachtree Road Race.

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